Wong Yu Pang、Weng Jhen Ling


“For not only do we come back to it, but we dream of coming back to it, the way a bird comes back to its nest, or a lamb to the fold.” ~ The Poetics of Space,  Gaston Bachelard. Beyond the cloud of Modern Capitalism shrouded in the East Asian, "dwelling" as an alternative symbol of "home"  is still circulated among the Chinese language. For Japanese, "igokochi" seems to be the state of mind while someone is hanging around a place. Peter Sloterdijk, the contemporary German philosopher, claim that human being inevitably have their own boundaries and tend to shape the world as a “sphere”, ‘Being-in-the-World’ means ‘Being-in-the-Sphere’. This metaphysical infrastructure set for beings immune from external interference and nurture itself. Certainly, from ordinary languages, foreign words, to metaphysics are not completely equivalent, but at least it may be a calling for the awarenss to the state of beings.

In other word, we are asking why human are firmly rooted in a place? What kind of future will be formed by our past historical memories and present personal experience? This is a big question. However, if the self to the other, culture to nature, power to colonization, all of which are (non-)accidently constructed as an internal-space event, some vaguely visibility should be opened somehow. Believe that in-between silence, whisper still résonance.

Here is an invitation to re-imagination. Let us split into four narratives with "Folds" and "Crystal Palace", and form an happening with(-out) sound. This is a journey back and forth. As a surveyor of the planet, you used to scale up and down other territories. Now you come back home and feel at ease, projecting yourself as an inhabitant with a special ratio……

“This sign of return marks an infinite number of daydreams, for the reason that human returning takes place in the great rhythm of human life, a rhythm that reaches back across the years and, through the dream, combats all absence.” ~ quoted as before


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